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W39S  Whitewater Inflatable Raft
3.9m Self-Bailer Double Ender

Incept’s Whitewater W39S double-ended self-bailer is a 6-person raft well suited to the private boater and to outfitters on smaller and technical rivers. It works equally well as an oar rig or as a paddle boat and is in use both commercially and privately.

The W39 will repay your choice with snappy performance and easy paddling or rowing - it is fast, easy turning and very stable in extreme conditions. It is roomy enough to take 36” dry boxes in an oar frame.

The W39S, like all Incept self-bailers, has a carefully rockered floor and smooth sand flap attachments to the sponson. The reduction in underwater drag, especially in cross-flows, gives this boat outstanding stability and the ability to safely take lines in rapids previously not considered wise or possible.

If this model is the appropriate size for your river, you can expect less flips, less wraps, more control, increased handling safety in marginal conditions, and a happier crew.

Extraordinarily tough, the W39S is available in ORCA Tech™ Polyurethane (W39SU) or Polyurethane Alloy (W39SX), both models with the same Polyurethane floor

Gunnison River, Colorado

Square Back Expedition Grade Inflatable Raft
3800mm L x 1800mm W x 470mm tubes
149.5 inches L x 71 inches W x 18.5 inch tubes

(Class 4 rapids)
45 Kg
99 Pounds
  • Two fixed Thwarts with grab-lines.

  • External grabline mounted securely on Stainless Steel D Rings.

  • Up to 3 Thwarts can be fitted.

  • Thwarts fixed or removable.

  • Colours red or yellow.

  • Fitted Bow bags, extra Handles and D Rings, Foot-straps, Flipper grippers

  • Internal grab-lines.

  • Extended frame chafers.

  • Additional polyurethane armour (e.g. trailer rub spots).

  • Valve positions.

  • Materials - various weights, types and colours.

  • Signage

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