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W38SX  Whitewater Inflatable Raft
3.8m Self-Bailer Expedition  Square Back

Incept Inflatable Raft W38SX Expedition Square Back Ayung River Bali Indonesia

Ayung River, Bali, Indonesia


The W38S inflatable raft is a scaled down version of the legendary Incept W46S.   Designed for smaller river flows, this expedition grade inflatable raft is easy to maneuver and can handle big water when required. 

The W38S is a proven inflatable raft on rivers in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia.

When used as a paddle boat the Square Back design lets the guide sit closer to the water giving better control. The longer bow allows the raft to punch through holes and yet maintain ease of control. Relative to the waterline, the crew weight is set a little further back which makes the boat handling superior over drops.




Square Back Expedition Grade Inflatable Raft
3800mm L x 1800mm W x 470mm tubes
149.5 inches L x 71 inches W x 18.5 inch tubes

(Class 4 rapids)
45 Kg
99 Pounds
  • Two fixed Thwarts with grab-lines.

  • External grabline mounted securely on Stainless Steel D Rings.

  • Up to 3 Thwarts can be fitted.

  • Thwarts fixed or removable.

  • Colours red or yellow.

  • Fitted Bow bags, extra Handles and D Rings, Foot-straps, Flipper grippers

  • Internal grab-lines.

  • Extended frame chafers.

  • Additional polyurethane armour (e.g. trailer rub spots).

  • Valve positions.

  • Materials - various weights, types and colours.

  • Signage or Logo

  • Bucket Floor - model W38R - check with Incept for reduction in price.

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