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K37D  Whitewater Inflatable Kayak
3.8m Self-Bailer 2 Person Tandem

Inflatable Kayaking Rangetikei River New Zealand Incept K37D Tandem

- Rangitikei River headwaters, NI, New Zealand


The Incept K37D is a self bailing two person inflatable kayak with an open deck. It is the dual-purpose "fun" inflatable kayak to use by yourself or with a friend on board. It is self bailing and can be paddled in kayak or canoe style depending on your paddle choice.

Great for exploring, the K37 inflatable has load capacity enough for crew and expedition gear. The K37D inflatable kayak paddles well in calm waters right through to rugged Class 4 rapids.

An optional back-pack dry bag is available to carry your kayak to out of way places - doubling as a large dry bag for expedition floats.

Originally designed for rental purposes as a more stable version of the Incept K38D, the K37 is also a commercial grade inflatable kayak and has proved so versatile that it serves both commercial and private markets perfectly.


Inflatable Tandem Kayak K37D Dimensional Drawing Incept NZ


Inflatable Kayak

Self Bailing

Double, Dual or


3800mm L
1080mm W
325mm tubes

150 inches L
42.5 inches W
12.75 inch tubes

(Class 4 rapids)
22 Kg
49 Pounds
  • Self Bailing Inflatable Floor

  • Two fixed Thwarts.

  • External grabline mounted securely on webbing beckets.

  • Handle D's at bow and stern.

  • Color red

  • Lightweight inflatable boat design

  • Thigh braces, set of 4  See the thigh brace

  • Colours yellow, blue, grey to order as materials available.

  • Extra D rings.

  • Signage.

  • Range of paddles, fixed and split (take-apart).

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