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Incept Inflatable Raft Technology
Design experience, expert craftsmanship & the world's best materials.
And, of course, we must do a lot of field testing!

Incept Square Back Inflatable Rafts excel in extreme water. The guide sits closer to the water which gives easier control.  The longer bow allows the raft to punch through holes and yet maintain ease of control.
Incept Double-Ender Inflatable Rafts are an industry standard, outwardly the conventional river raft shape but as with all Incept inflatable rafts they have exceptional dynamic performance in all classes of water.
All Incept Marine whitewater inflatable rafts are designed to achieve optimum waterline shape and exceptional handling with good carry-through in holes and stoppers.
Incept have developed uniquely tapered self bailing floors for all models which are permanently integrated into every boat. This results in long life, excellent performance and stability, together with good tracking and handling qualities.
Construction & Materials

Canoes and Inflatable Kayaks
  • Boat-quality lacquered PVC coating, 1100 dtex polyester base cloth, 950 gsm.
  • All seams are heat welded.
  • D-ring fittings and rope beckets are welded.
  • Chafers are glued.
Small Lightweight Inflatable Rafts up to and including Model W33S:
  • Boat-quality lacquered PVC coating, 1100 dtex polyester base cloth, 950 gsm.
  • All seams are heat welded.
  • D-ring fittings and rope beckets are welded.
  • Chafers are glued.
Inflatable Rafts W33SX (Expedition) and all larger inflatable raft models:
  • General Construction - Polyurethane Alloy, 2200 dtex, polyester base cloth, 1050 gsm.
  • Under Tube Quarter PPanels - Polyurethane alloy, 3740 dtex, polyester base cloth, 1500 gsm.
  • Floor Under-Side - Polyurethane, 1880 dtex, nylon base cloth, 1500 gsm.
  • Floor Top-Side - Polyurethane, 940 dtex, nylon base cloth, 1000 gsm.
  • All seams are either "Hot Air" or "High Frequency" welded.
  • "D" Rings and Frame Chafers are glued.
Incept Inflatable Raft, Canoe & Kayak Warranty
Five years on materials and workmanship
Two years on materials and workmanship
Warranty provisions are conditional on the return of the product to the factory or approved warranty shop freight paid.
All costs of warranty repairs including freight cost from warranty center back to owner is covered by the warranty.



More Info

Read Incept FAQs for additional details and helpful information.

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History of The Incept Self Bailing Floor

Undoubtedly, Incept has the best performing self bailing floors in the inflatable raft market today, but not without some problems in the past.

Virtually all inflatable raft manufacturers using this type of floor have experienced some problems in the past. The problem is usually with the I-Beam edge of the floor separating from the base or the cap of the main tubes. This is a point of very high stress and strain.

Some inflatable raft manufacturers, including ourselves, have also had trouble with air leaks resulting from damaged coatings, caused by the stresses experienced on the floor as it bends and twists over waves, scrapes on rocks and the like.

The prevention of I-Beam failures on Incept floors have been cured with better designs and workmanship. This has not been a problem for Incept for quite some time, but you may hear about past problems. One of the distinguishing characteristics of New Zealand Kiwis is that we are very honest!

To make a durable self bailing floor, the stresses on the material are more difficult. We have had floor material manufacturers,  expert chemists and engineers out to New Zealand to watch our construction methods and see first hand what is expected of our rafts.

Additionally we have sourced material from various manufacturers and tested them in floors used on some of the world's most extreme rivers such as our Kaituna (21 foot  waterfall) and Australia's Tully (run 365 days a year).

The solution was the adoption in July 2003 of urethane for our floor material, and this is
sourced from a top European manufacturer.

You can tell which of our rafts has this  material as we choose "Rescue" orange for the floor cap.

This, together with the contrasting tubes and thwarts of either red or yellow, looks very smart. And, it works!


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