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G25S / G29S Whitewater Inflatable Rafts
Gull 2.5m and 2.9m Self-Bailers

Whitewater Inflatable Raft G25S Square Back Rangitikei River New Zealand

 G25S Rangitikei River, NI, New Zealand


Originally designed as roll-up yacht tenders, the Gull G25 and G29 inflatable rafts have been fitted with armored undersides and true Incept self bailing floors.


These amazingly fun inflatable rafts on Class 3 rivers are tough, good performers and very stable in cross flows. The G25S and G29S inflatable rafts are ideal for 2 and 3 persons with or without camping gear, and very suitable for exploring river headwaters.


Small enough to be back-pack able, the size of the Gull rafts makes Class 3 rapids as exciting as bigger rapids in bigger rafts.


Conventional "bucket" floors are optional. Inflatable thwart(s) are optional on the G29.




G29S Square Back Inflatable Raft
2900mm L x 1450mm W x 400mm tubes
114 inches L x 57 inches W x 15.75 inch tubes

G25S Square Back Inflatable Raft
2550mm L x 1350mm W x 380mm tubes
100.5 inches L x 53 inches W x 15 inch tubes

(Class 4 rapids)
30 Kg
66 Pounds
25 Kg
55 Pounds
Standard Features
  • External grabline mounted securely on Stainless Steel D Rings.

  • Thwarts.

  • Colours red, yellow, blue, grey or white.

  • Extra Handles and D Rings, Foot-straps.

  • Extended frame chafers.

  • Additional polyurethane armour (e.g. trailer rub spots).

  • Signage or Logo

  • Bucket Floor - models G25R and G29R - check with Incept for reduction in price.

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