River Rescue Course
to be held in Boise Idaho

May 11,12,13


With Rescue Three WRT Certification                          $295

  To Recertify a Rescue 3 SRT or WRT Certification     $150

With ACA workshop card                                              $195


Download a copy of this flyer to post or put on the fridge door.

Recommended for river guides and kayak instructors.


This course is being held in Boise Idaho on May 11, 12, 13, 2007 (location to be announced)


Whether you work, play or recreate in and around rivers, this river rescue course is for you!  The focus of this course will be accident prevention and self rescue techniques.  The class will include safe river crossing and wading in current, throw bag safety, contact rescues, how to free people or boats that are entrapped, basic rope techniques and mechanical advantage.


This class will also include kayak and raft rescue techniques and is recommended for river guides and kayak instructors.


Julie Munger is an internationally acclaimed guide and has been teaching river rescue for over 15 years.  She was voted by Rescue 3 as Instructor of the Year. You can learn about her qualifications at sierrarescue.com.  Don't miss this opportunity to be trained by one of the most respected instructors in the field.


Please visit www.Juliemunger.com for her full credentials


For more information contact julie@sierrarescue.com (800)208-2723

Denny@inceptmarine.com, (800) 897-1995 or (208) 559-2128



Sponsored by INCEPT RAFTS and the



This could be the only Rescue Three WRT CERTIFICATION course to be offered in the southern Idaho area. (Space is limited)